Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sunrise and clementines

OMA Merino Silk Fibre, cones of mohair boucle and lambswool from Texere, and homemade Clementine Curd (recipe - not online - in Country Living Magazine December 2010)

I bought this pretty Old Maiden Aunt fibre (merino silk) in the summer, thinking it was a summery colour. But it turns out to be the perfect winter shade, matching the tones of my seasonal, and homemade, clementine curd on the shortest day of the year.

I am planning to use the yarns to weave a Spaced Out Felted Scarf (Spaced-out felted scarf by Jane Patrick from the Schacht Winter 2008 Newsletter. It also features in the Winter 2008 Spin-Off magazine.) I've made one already, and was delighted with it ... click on the r to see the first scarf on my ravelry project page (login needed).

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