Thursday, 4 August 2011

Another Woolfest purchase (and knitted brains)

Key rings in various stages of production. Pattern by Sheepfold

I love to buy relatively inexpensive trinkets in gift shops. This is why I have a great collection of souvenir ballpoint pens. It is a similar story at fibre festivals. I will get just as much pleasure from a small purchase as from a large one. A few years ago my favourite item was a kit to needle felt a family of penguins, from Twist Fibre Craft. I've just looked and they still have them! - on this page. And some tempting alternatives too.

Anyway, getting back to the point, at Woolfest 2011 my small purchase was a kit to make a keyring from Sheepfold. The kit included the pattern, a small amount of wool yarn and a metal keyring. You just knitted up some wiggly bits of knitting, sewed them together and fulled the result in the washing machine. From a distance the result looks like an oversized felted bead. But close to you can see the interlocking swirls. It is a very satisfying ball shape, though as it looked a bit like a flower before it was felted I wonder if perhaps this design was the result of a happy accident!

Sheepfold mini-kit keyring in Light Grey Welsh DK

The swirls reminded me of the folds of brain tissue, so I had a quick search online, and of course, found several examples of knitted brains!

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