Thursday, 12 January 2012

My first Muckle Mitt

I am excited about these mitts! I read about the Muckle Mitts pattern here on Mary Jane Mucklestone's blog, and saw another finished product at the end of this post on Kate Davies' blog.

The pattern uses motif #172 from Mary Jane Mucklestone's book 200 Fair Isle Motifs ( available in the UK as 200 Fair Isle Designs: Knitting Charts, Combination Designs, and Colour Variations). The pattern was a New Year gift from the designer and can be downloaded free until 16 January 2012.

When I was on holiday on South Uist last summer I bought two souvenir balls of yarn, each very different from the other. One is wool from a flock of pedigree Hebridean Sheep that live on the island, it is natural black and very springy. The other is handspun on the island from non-local merino wool, in a colourway called "Uist Landscapes - Atlantic". This yarn is full of beautiful blues and greens and is very soft. I had not really thought about using the two yarns together, but when I saw the Muckle Mitts pattern realised that this was the perfect opportunity to make myself a reminder of South Uist that took advantage of the qualities of both yarns.

I made the first one in a couple of evenings, and am doing well with the second. I think I shall probably make more, perhaps using my own handspun, and perhaps incorporating another of the motifs from the book. If you like the Muckle Mitts, then have a look at the Mucklemuff, the Muckle item that preceded the mitts.

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