Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yrsa Mitts

My Yrsa mitts, palms
Pattern from Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy

My Yrsa mitts, back of hand
Pattern from Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy

The Yrsa Mitts pattern is in "Northern Knits" by Lucinda Guy, which I reviewed here. I bought the yarn to make them at the Alafoss Factory Outlet, which I visited earlier this year. I liked the colours used in the book, and so hadn't thought about any alternative colour schemes before going to buy the yarn. However, it turned out that three of the four colours had been discontinued, and I needed to choose alternatives. Fortunately the shop had an old shade card, so I chose new colours that were a similar as possible to the old. With hindsight, it might have been a good idea to pay attention to tone as well as hue, but I'm pretty happy with the selection. In the UK the yarn is available from Carreg Yarns.

The Loðband Einband yarn is described as Icelandic Lace Weight. I am not keen on working with lace weight yarn, but it turns out that this yarn is thicker than the name suggests. It is more like a fine sock yarn. I will include some comparative photos in a follow-up post about the yarn, which is quite unusual in other ways too.

The colours I used are: 9075 sandstorm, 1026 Ash Heather, 1766 Orange and 1762 Turquoise. The mitts are very short and use little yarn: I used 7 g, 9 g, 3 g and 2 g respectively.

I'm very pleased with these little mitts, they are fun to wear and were interesting to make (they have a thumb construction that I hadn't made before) and turned out to be a great way to learn about the yarn.

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