Thursday, 11 October 2012

Masham Sheep Fair 2012

Band shelters from the rain, Masham.

I had an enjoyable afternoon at the Masham Sheep Fair last week. The weather was a bit wet on the Sunday, which led to the unusually cramped accommodation for the band (above), but it was still an enjoyable outing.

I did some shopping, looked at the Wool Craft competition, laughed at the dancing sheep again ( and took photos at the sheep pens. This year I took care to photograph the information about any sheep before taking its portrait. When I last went, I came home with some lovely pictures of sheep that I couldn't identify with full confidence!

A proud member of the Sunbeck Flock of Boreray sheep

A very friendly Lincoln Longwool from Nipna.

A rather dishevelled Black Wensleydale from Dales Farm in Co Durham

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Felicity Ford said...

aw I love your sheep's nose photo! It's beautiful!