Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Random knitting

When I find something that I carefully filed away many years ago because I thought it was interesting, I am often surprised that I still find it interesting! Perhaps I think I was a different person in the past?

What I found today was a yellowing article published in New Scientist, dated 26 March 1987. It is by Mary Griffin, and the topic is random knitting. To knit the random pattern (on every fourth row, the other rows are stocking stitch) you work with a random number table. The article gives a key for what you should do for each digit from 0 to 9 - for example knit 3 stitches or cable 6 front. A rather lovely squiggly pattern results.

The article has been archived by Google. Follow this link or see Wear your own theory below:

I searched on Ravelry, and there's a group dedicated to random patterns. They've even discussed the Mary Griffin method, and identified a Knitty pattern that used the approach.

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