Sunday, 3 February 2013

From little acorns

My Mini Lopapeysa Keyring, and the keys to my new home
Pattern by RodPrjónar

I recently moved house. I was looking for a pattern that would be relatively compact to carry around, wouldn't take too long and didn't involve too much thinking. I also wanted to make something useful, perhaps something I could make again for Christmas presents if the first attempt came out OK. I'd made some keyrings last year, and they were quite well received, so that probably guided me towards my choice. The pattern I chose was the MiniLopapeysa Keyring by RodPrjónar.

This is a little jumper, about 6 cm long, knitted in the traditional icelandic style - from the bottom up, in the round, with body and sleeves joined before knitting the yoke; the underarms are grafted. The pattern calls for Ístex Létt-Lopi, and I had plenty of that.

I made my first one in a hotel room the night before getting the keys to my new house. I was even able to wet block it that evening in the en suite bathroom! The photo I put on Ravelry showing the cute little sweater in my hand for scale will always remind me of this move: my hands ended up red, rough and wrinkly from all the packing and cleaning.

My Mini Lopapeysa
Pattern by RodPrjónar

I just loved the result, so incredibly cute! I made two more as gifts, refining my technique with practice - I now start with the sleeves, have a collection of safety pins and stitch holders that are perfect for the job and found the best amount of slack to leave when grafting. I made the colour pattern a little different on each.

So why title this post "From little acorns"? - well, although I haven't knitted a large garment for years, I have started to make a full size lopapeysa for myself! I'm sure I wouldn't have considered it had I not had such fun with the keyrings.

The pattern I chose is from Knitting with Icelandic Wool by Védís Jónsdóttir (St Martin's Griffin, New York, 2013. ISBN 978-1-250-02480-0). The design is called "Dropar" in the book. It is by Astrid Ellingsen, and is, I think, a translated, yarn changed, version of Lopi 120 (here on Ravelry).

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