Monday, 17 November 2014

So just what is the 2014 Indie Design Gift-A-Long?

This collage illustrates my Gift-A-Long Bundle. Read on to find out what a bundle is, or visit this link to see lots more collages from other designers!

The 2014 Indie Design Gift-A-Long (GAL) is an event hosted on Ravelry. The idea is to provide an online venue for people to share their knitting and crocheting projects, especially those destined to be presents. The event continues to 31 December 2014 (midnight US-EST). But there's a little more to it:
  • For the first week of the GAL, 293 "Indie" Designers (these are people who self-publish patterns on Ravelry) are offering 25% off the purchase price of between 4 and 20 of their patterns (this comes to 3822 patterns!). The code to enter at the checkout is giftalong2014, which is valid from 8 pm (US-EST) on 13 November 2014 to 11.59 pm (US-EST) on 21 November 2014.
  • The set of each designer's patterns for which the discount is available is called a "bundle". If you visit a participating designer's page (here's my designer page) on Ravelry, you'll see an image near the top of the page, above the array of individual pattern pictures, named something like Gift-A-Long 2014. Clicking on this shows you the patterns from that designer with a discount.
  • There are two ways of seeing all the patterns that are on offer: (1) Work your way through this thread on Ravelry, which has links to all the participating designer pages and/or (2) Visit IndieDesignGAL on Pinterest, where you can get a visual feel for the patterns, neatly divided into categories (e.g. Hats and head, Feet and legs)
  • There are incentives for participating in the KAL and CAL threads - join the group, read up on the rules, post your project and be eligible to win prizes. There are even some games to take part in.
  • Importantly, while the projects that qualify for the KAL and CALs should use a pattern from one of the participating designers, the pattern does not need to be one of their discounted patterns. The total number of eligible patterns on 15 November was 11 562 and the number is growing all the time as designers release new patterns.
And for those who like statistics, just look at this:

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